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hypnotherapy treatment for weight management uk


     "Lose weight, keep it off & look and feel your best!”

One of the biggest challenges of losing weight is not just losing it but to KEEP it off.  But, how do we do this? We have all heard of the “yoyo diet ”. The problem with most diets is that they are not sustainable and you cannot live off protein shakes forever. 


The approach with hypnotherapy is we change your “relationship to food.”  We change the emotional attachment to food and what it represents. When we address any changes in our lives, we always have to look at our core belief system which determine our thoughts and therefore our actions. We have to look at our values, feelings and beliefs. These beliefs determine our thoughts which are responsible for our feelings which then drives our actions and behaviours.


We look at eating patterns, and address the causes of over eating such as stress. Understanding the stress metabolism connection is often overlooked. Put simply when our body is feeling stress, our digestion is turned off and conversely when the body and mind is relaxed, healthy digestion starts to happen. 


Being in hypnosis means you are deeply relaxed and in this state  communicating with your subconscious mind (where all your beliefs are stored) can occur. 

When you experience stress be it external influences such as an overly busy schedule or internally such as being unhappy with how you see yourself, cortisol (stress hormone) levels raise. If this happens daily, fat storage metabolism increases. This is a protective mechanism as the body is in a survival mode. Our bodies are so brilliantly designed that we will not let go of weight because it slows down metabolism to preserve the energy stores in case we need them.


However, it is all too common that we find ourselves in a vicious cycle of being stressed and eating for comfort or eating out of boredom.  Hypnotherapy can help you learn how to shift your body out of chronic stress response and into a relaxation response so that you lose weight correctly. The results are you will  look and feel amazing! You will have more self confidence knowing you have made real long lasting positive changes!

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