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anxiety and stress hypnotherapy UK

Stress & Anxiety

“Alleviate stress & anxiety and take control of your life”

We have all experienced stress and anxiety in our lives and we know how debilitating this can be. The feeling of overwhelm as panic sets in and we don’t know where to turn.  A certain level of stress is helpful as we all know but too much can lead to a constant feeling of anxiety.


All that we perceive comes from our thoughts and perceptions of how things should be.  When things don't work out according to plan, we feel that we have lost control. When we lose control we start to judge, criticise and doubt ourselves and our abilities. Before we know it, we have created a self fulfilling prophecy that because we can't cope, we aren't strong enough (good enough, capable enough etc)  which perpetuates the feelings of overwhelm and so you continue on that hamster wheel.


Hypnotherapy  can help you become calmer, stronger and in more control of your life by teaching you powerful relaxation techniques.  When you are deeply relaxed, you will feel more peaceful and have more clarity and understand that we are the creator of our emotions. Whether those emotions are negative such as despair, anger or jealously or positive such as joy, happiness or love, we begin to see that we can only ever control how we respond to any given situation. It is not the external factors that make us anxious but how we perceive them internally. 


You will then have the confidence to make better decisions as can see the bigger picture and go forward with purpose. You will be taught self-hypnosis to help you make those positive lasting changes!

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