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10 Powerful Ways to Successfully Reduce Your Weight!

Photo by Farhad Ibrahimzade on Unsplash

  • Get the mind on your side. Avoid saying "'I'm going to lose weight." Instead say "I'm going to reduce my weight" or "I'm going to shed weight" or "I'm going to be my ideal weight" or "I'm going to be a healthy weight." The word "lose" or "lost" implies we have lost something ..such as a friend, job, our home and the mind then thinks you got to find what you have lost and you certainly don't want to find the weight back!

  • Avoid using the word "diet." This immediately tricks your brain into thinking deprivation. And we all know what depriving ourselves does! Instead use phrases such as "healthy eating plan."

  • Use an alternative bench mark for assessing whether you have reduced your weight such as an item of clothing rather than scales.

  • Use visualisation techniques. Imagination is the language of the subconscious mind and this is why hypnosis is a powerful tool as it helps you control how you use your imagination. Once you have set your goal (make sure it is realistic) close your eyes and visualise how you look at your desired weight, feel how you would feel at your ideal weight. This is a place where you can mentally rehearse how the new you looks, feels and does. Your mind will always give you what you want so only see what you WANT and NOT what you don't want!

  • You must have a strong desire for change. Like any habit, the desire and motivation must be there. A wishy washy "I'm going to try" isn't going to cut it. If this is the message you are giving your mind, that's what the mind will give you.

  • If you are in doubt about whether you can do it or not, put pen to paper and write down what you think is holding you back. This clears the space inside your head, allows you to really focus and see if there are any concerns or conflicts that might deter you from the plan.

  • Think, expect and plan for "success." Your mindset must be one that expects success. You are more likely to succeed in reducing your weight and keeping it off if you expect nothing but success because you will make choices that promote progress and support the outcome you desire. Remember your mind will always give you what you tell it so give it positive messages!

  • Put into motion the choices and decision you have made. In other words, action, action action instead of just words!

  • Meditate or do self-hypnosis daily. Feeling grounded is important. Work on positive self talk, motivation and solution-orientated steps that move you forward.

  • And lastly, the power for change always lies within you and with you. When we accept that it is us alone that has to make the choices for change and no one else we turn on that invisible strength that we all possess. Acceptance for change comes from within and this is your greatest tool to make lasting positive changes to your health and wellbeing.

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