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Past Life Therapy

Hypnotherapy Wellbeing | Past Life Therapy

                                How my interest in Past Life started


Ever since a young child I have always had an interest in everything spiritual.  I don’t really know what sparked my intense interest, but I was always reading about Angels and spirits and the afterlife.   I also experienced many Deja-Vu moments up to about the age of 8 or 9. Of course I never understand them, and I never told my parents about them either. I guess these experiences have stayed with me and ignited my interest in past life regression in my 20’s and beyond.


                                            Why I offer Past Life Regression


Having read so many books on past life and deeply influenced by the work of Dr. Brian Weiss I had to follow my gut feeling. I knew there was potential to help a lot of people so made the decision to study and qualify as a Past Life therapist as well as a Hypnotherapist.  I have also studied spiritual regression and find this subject area fascinating.


I feel deeply humble taking someone back into a past life. It is a privilege to be part of a client’s past life experience. To witness and to guide them is a real honour.

I have seen the healing and therapeutic benefits of past life regression. For many of my clients, this is a huge part of their spiritual journey, it’s almost like the missing part of the jigsaw.


                             What to expect in a Past Life Regression


A past life regression uses hypnosis to take you into a deeply relaxed state of trance. I will guide you skilfully through the important or significant times in which ever life your subconscious chooses for you to explore. You will be communicating with me throughout as I guide you through the session so there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

During the regression, you will get a sense of knowing and memories may come back to you in the form of images, impressions sound, smell and feelings, or a combination of these. There is no one experience to fit all. Recalling a past life is not actually about having a good memory as in the ordinary sense of "remembering facts." It is about re-living or re-experiencing the times in your past life. 


During a regression, some people may experience a catharsis (a strong emotional release). A past life regression can relieve unconscious conflicts. These are dealt with sensitivity and compassion. Usually after a catharsis, clients feel so much better. It is almost as if they have been waiting ages to get the emotion out and the release is described as incredibly soothing and freeing.  


                                  Why do people want to be regressed?

There are many reasons for wanting a past life regression. Curiosity and development of spiritual growth rank highly. Some people are looking for answers for an unexplained fear or phobia where the origins cannot be placed in this lifetime.  While a past life may reveal a source of a phobia and promote healing, it may still be necessary to carry out additional therapy afterwards.


I have had many past life regressions where people are curious about reoccurring dreams. The theory is these may be fragmentated past life memories. While it is impossible to prove or disprove any of this, it does bring comfort and reassurance to many of those who regress to a past life.  


Familiarity with places or strangers often raises the question of past lives.  Familiarities with strangers, a strong sense of knowing drives many people to question the existence of previous lifetimes. It is the theory of many prominent past life authors and researchers in the field that we reincarnate in soul groups. This may explain why some people seem so familiar to you, yet they are strangers in this lifetime.



                           The Fascinating field of Spiritual Regression!

Andy Tomlinson in his book "Healing the Eternal Soul" describes a spiritual regression as something that "enables people to experience how their own soul prepared for the next life and understand their karmic and spiritual progress." Tomlinson further explains "They can experience the multi-dimensional spiritual activities of the soul and answer at a profound level the questions, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?"


A spiritual regression is a natural progression for some people particularly if they have had several past life regressions. They want to know and understand more, get a bigger picture, so to speak. A spiritual regression requires more time and preparation (than a past life regression) as a deep level of hypnosis is generally required to access the soul memories.


Anyone wanting a spiritual regression is asked to think about the spiritual objective of their regression. Generally, people want to know why they are here, what their purpose is and gain a deeper understanding of karma and how this plays out here on the earth's plane.  

Others are simply intrigued and want to know more about the soul’s journey in the spirit world.



                                        Want to know more?


If this has stirred your interest and you want to find out more, please do contact me.

Whatever your reasons or beliefs maybe, I encourage you to embrace the experience and trust in yourself and the process!

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