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Improve your confidence/ self-esteem

“Become more confident, optimistic & happy”

Confidence is a feeling and feelings are largely determined by the thoughts we have running through our head and more often than not we have  regular negative self-talk. And all thoughts originate from our beliefs.  More often than not, these beliefs were formulated in childhood and these are the core beliefs which act as a filter for everything you experience from then on.


Therefore to improve your feelings of confidence, you have to identify which core belief(s) are responsible for your negative self-talk.  The negative self-talk can take the form of consistently thinking you aren't good enough, clever enough, good looking enough or loveable.  We are not born feeling unworthy or needing constant external validation from others. These are learnt behaviours.  By updating those old beliefs  you will change the way you see the world and those around you. It is not always easy to do this on a conscious level as all beliefs are subconscious. 


Hypnotherapy can help you improve your level of confidence by accessing the subconscious. By eliminating those old beliefs which do not serve you and updating your belief system, real positive changes can be made! The real authentic you is confident in your ability to do all the things that you desire without needing validation from anyone!