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Overcoming anxiety, become empowered and live your life
with calm, happiness and on purpose!

I used to be that woman …that’s why I can help you now!

I used to believe that I couldn't manage the feelings of anxiety, of panic and of sheer and total overwhelm. Sometimes I would retreat back into myself or I would phone a friend and tell them all about how awful I was feeling, how I couldn't do anything about my circumstances how everything was against me and how unfair it all was. This made me feel better in the moment, being the victim, but sooner or later I would have to deal with the same people, circumstances and situations again. And I would find myself repeatedly in this space of pain & helplessness and being stuck. In this space of sadness and belief that life had dealt me some really bad cards.

However, there was a part of me that knew I had a choice. There was a part of me that knew the answer was inside of me and I had a choice to make a different decision to get myself out of this vicious cycle of anxiety, fear and lack of confidence. But there was that niggling voice at the back of my head, of doubt, who was I to take charge of my life?

Because, what if it went wrong, what if, my choices put me in an even worse position? What if, what if, what if? Would I not be better staying where I am, even though my heart and soul did not feel in alignment, at least I am in familiar territory. There was a certain comfort to this way of thinking, to this victim mindset.

And this is a big one.  What will people think? Would people think I'm being ungrateful that I should be happy with what I have who I'm with etc.  Why was I so bothered by what other people think? Why did I need validation from others? Why was their opinion so important to me?

Does this sound familiar to you? Would you rather stay in a place that feels familiar yet painful, rather than take the risk and step out of your comfort zone. Wouldn’t you rather be in a place where your heart and soul are in alignment, a place where you are content & calm just being who you are? Wouldn’t you rather be in a place where you live your life how you want to live rather than how someone  else wants you to live? A life with healthier boundaries in relationships and respect and self-care for yourself?

Whatever your circumstances, whatever form your anxiety takes, whatever your fears are,  whatever your story may be, I want you to know that you CAN overcome all of this, you really can!

Anxiety in short is a learned response. We are born with 2 fears. A fear of falling and of sudden loud noises.  So, everything else is learned. Whether we learnt certain behaviours in the imprint period  (from  birth to age 7) where our little brains are just like sponges or later on through our childhood ages of 8 through to 13 where we start to model behaviours of those around us. Or later on in our teens to young adult where we have more social interaction with other people, it is all learned behaviour.

When we experience anxiety, we often think that we're at the mercy of something external (victim mentality) but this couldn't be further from the truth. When we experience anxiety we are living in survival mode, so our body is prepared to fight flight or simply freeze and when we do this enough times, this pattern of behaviour becomes automatic so before we know it, we are experiencing anxiety.

You can unlearn the unhelpful old self sabotaging behaviours and beliefs which are holding you back and keeping you stuck. You can reprogram and update the subconscious mind. You can move forward in your life without memories from the past triggering you and holding you hostage. You can enjoy life when you ditch your emotional baggage.  And I will show you how.

Anxiety is a learned response…that is good…read on…

How I will help you out of this vicious circle of anxiety…

 ”We cannot change anything until we accept it, condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” ~ Carl Jung

When you work one-on-one with me either in person or on Zoom,  I will coach you to;-

  • understand and gain clarity on the mindset required for change to be effective, immediate, positive and long lasting.

  • understand and gain absolute clarity on how you're doing your anxiety because we all do anxiety in a different way!

  • to implement powerful effective techniques that you can use immediately to help you reduce feelings of anxiety in the moment.

  • learn new skills that help you stay in the moment to help you live in the present rather than dwelling in the past.

  • communicate with yourself in a positive and empowering way that embodies calm and respect for yourself.

  • to move forward with commitment, belief and purpose and to achieve whatever your goals or aspirations are.

Change does not have to take forever. When we understand that all change starts from within and that we always have the solutions, we always have the answers it is only then that we realise our true power.

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change” ~ Wayne Dyer

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