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Hypnotheraphy for the effective treatment of fears and phobias UK

Fears & Phobias

“Banish those fears and Phobias and enjoy life to the fullest”

Do you have a phobia of spiders, open spaces, heights, needles, a fear of flying perhaps or public speaking? Does this fear dominate your life?


A phobia is an extreme irrational fear of something, someone or somewhere.

Fears and phobias are often associated with a past experience that has been logged in our  subconscious mind only to rear its ugly head later on in life. A phobia can also be learned from another person such as family member or even a stranger can transmit a fear.


A phobia may be the product of a fear of fear itself. Sometimes we may not know where the fear or phobia has originated from. We may have “always had” this as far as our conscious memory can recall.


However, hypnotherapy can be extremely effective. By using various techniques we can begin to desensitise our reaction to the stimulus that causes the fear or phobia. By eliminating the emotion associated with fear, you will become free of the phobia and will be able to respond calmly and appropriately. 

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